An investing platform built for women

How much you earn determines how much you can invest toward your goals — and this differs drastically for women and men over their careers.
Only we factor in these differences to give you a better chance of reaching those goals
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I remember hearing about this when it was pre-launch, nice to see it raised 33m from Melinda Gates, thats huge! @abadesi this might interest you
I had seen ads for the platform and thought it was a necessary idea. (I know a lot of older women family members who kept money "under their mattress"). Then I heard the Masters of Scale episode with Sallie Krawcheck and have deep admiration for this team. Go invest, ladies!
Invest “like a woman”? What does that even mean. Do we really need more “for women” products? I used to think that as the years went by there’d be less and less of them but seems like the opposite is happening. Saying that “women are paid less” is implying that they are paid less for the same job, that there’s no fixing that, it’s just the way things are. Whereas the reality is that more women do jobs that pay less. Get a job that pays more => get more money. It’s not like you’re cursed to be paid less than every man forever. I understand it’s good marketing to make products “for women” or “for men” because you end up selling more of the product, compared to if you’d marketed it in a gender neutral way. But I think that by doing this, we are just widening the gap in people’s minds. A woman would think “oh, seems like I need a different investing service because I’m a women, I’m so different from men” and a man will think “women need a special investing service? Guess they are indeed very different”. Its just doing harm in my opinion.