Dating for single professionals in 25 countries

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Adam Sweet
@adamrsweet · Drive high profit and fuel great success
Be warned...you have to go through about 45 minutes of questions before you get to the billing page, where you have to enter a credit card number and pick a plan starting at $17 and up before you can finish your profile page. IT'S A SCAM.
@lyondhur · UX/IxD Designer ProdDev & Scrum Coach.
Elite... *barfs*
Naomi Assaraf
@nassaraf · CMO, Technophile, pancake lover.
Here's my initial take: 1) It needs virality- maybe a share your personality link? 2) This is exactly like @CrystalKnowsMe but for dating! Cool! 3) SF dating apps are kind of incestuous.. why would anyone pay for premium when it's all the same old faces? https://media1.giphy.com/media/3...
Andrew Ettinger
@andrewett · Product Marketing, Twitter (ex-PH)
I just saw a commercial for this in New York, so naturally I posted it. If you meet your spouse on here, just invite me to the wedding.