When & where to get away for free while hosting on Airbnb.

1 - We estimate your home value for sites like Airbnb

2 - We detect price surge events, when it is best to rent your home

3 - We tell you where to get away for free during those dates (offsetting cost with your rent income).

Just enter your address, hit search and we do the rest!

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Hi everyone! Co-founder of "Eliot" here. We're a team of data scientists and entrepreneurs who helped build from scratch real-estate app Trulia and more recently, build a cool travel app called Rove - acquired by TripAdvisor. A few months ago we launched our Estimator on ProductHunt. Today we're excited to be on ProductHunt again, to launch our new product. A travel search engine to help you get away "for free". Eliot, helps you find dates and places you can travel to for free, while renting your home on Airbnb. I would love to get your feedback on the product experience as well as on the quality of the price surge events and destination recommendations. Looking forward to reading your feedback.
@edouardtabet This is a genius idea, just learned I can go to Portugal for free if I Airbnb my flat, next weekend getaway sorted 🛫 Do you estimate costs based on averages? How do you accommodate for seasonality?
@abadesi Glad you found a get-away. The rent estimate is based on a handful of signals that feed our model. Our price estimate is not exactly an average, it's different for each day of the year and each property. We try to predict when rent for your home will surge and suggest destinations and accommodations where the prices are low enough, so that during these price surge events you could offset the cost of your trip. A sort of arbitrage to travel for free.
You can’t say it’s free. It’s misguided. The idea behind hosting is to make money. By saying staying for free, one assumes making $ while away and living somewhere without paying.
@ispekhov point taken. We do try to provide clear context everywhere we say that on the site. The idea behind Eliot is to encourage people to fund their travels by hosting. And to get them to travel more by telling them when and where to go to fully offset the cost of their trip, something most people don't do today but if they did, they would virtually travel for free. Less than 1% of travelers host.
@ispekhov Added this in the description, to remove any ambiguity: "(offsetting cost with your rent income)."