Elio Motors

A new vehicle for a new way to drive.

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Helllloooo Product Hunt community! Thank you for inviting Elio Motors into the Product Hunt community. We have a lot in common! As an engineer by trade, I am all about the latest tech creations. Add to this I am an entrepreneur at heart and I love new things that challenge the status quo. From what I hear, most of you hunters like things that challenge the status quo, too. I think you’ll get where I’m coming from. When someone like us gets fed up, the only option is to take things into our own hands – to DO something. I saw American manufacturing eroding. Wealth was pouring out of the country. My solution? Build a fun, fuel-efficient vehicle that changes the way America thinks about transportation. It led to this: The Elio: a three-wheel, American made 2-seat vehicle that gets up to 84 MPG for an expected price of $6,800. Elio Motors believes in the American dream, American manufacturing and creating American jobs. And we believe there is a better more efficient way to get from Point A to Point B. So let’s get started! I would love to hear what you think about the Elio and answer whatever questions you take the time to ask! Paul
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@paul_elio hi, Paul thank you for joining us. do you have tech spec for the Elio you can share with us?
@yasarcorp Hi Brad. Great question and one of my favorites. Go here for a quick one-pager. http://bit.ly/1HVlJN1
I wanted to share this with you because when was the last time you were able to hear about a Startup "car" company? for me that was Tesla 10 years ago and now Elio. I would love to get some feedback from the engineers on the platform and maybe Paul Elio himself!
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I reserved some shares in their Reg A+ "testing of the waters" and reserved a car! I'm super excited for my Elio car! I just have my fingers crossed that my current car doesn't die before my Elio car gets to me :)
@miles_matthias I'm really excited about the Elio RegA+ campaign as well. Elio is currently leading the way with overwhelming interest so far. I know other crowdfunding products have been featured on Product Hunt. I'm very curious to see what the community has to say about Elio and RegA+.
@miles_matthias Miles thank you for your support! I drive around 120 miles a day for my commute so having one in my driveway can't come fast enough for me either!
@chrismessina the space for making out is inside :) check out the images