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#5 Product of the DayAugust 11, 2016
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Thanks for hunting us @kwdinc! Hi Product Hunt, We are very excited to introduce elink 2.0 with you guys! elink is the fastest way to turn web links into visual content. After receiving tons of valuable feedback and ideas, we have been working hard to make elink even more useful. In version one, we learned that our users loved the product, but wanted additional ways to share their link collections. With elink.io 2.0 you’ll find awesome new features, which will help you save hours of time and resources. Here are some of the updates we’ve made: 1. Curated Newsletters – elink collections can now be sent as email newsletters in minutes. We have worked hard to ensure they look great on all email clients and are fully responsive. You can use our MailChimp and Gmail integrations or copy the HTML code to use with any 3rd party email provider. 2. iframe embeds – Your elink collections can now be embedded onto your website or blog so that you can create content faster without worrying about image sizes, HTML code, alt tags, etc. 3. Robust Chrome Extension – now you have the ability to save any link or page with a simple right click. You can even right-click a specific image you want to save a page. 4. Faster & Smarter link fetching – we have enhanced our internal fetching service. Now you can add Slideshare, Ted videos, Dropbox files, Google Docs and much more. 5. Tags – for an easier search you can add multiple tags to each elink. 6. Bug fixes, design improvements & lot more internal enhancements. Thanks for the up-vote. We'd love for you to check out our new version! We'll be hanging out here to answer any questions and respond to your feedback:) P.S. elink is free to use however if you’re interested in using the full set of features we have a special 30% off code: 30PHUNT
@saje_sandhu @kwdinc 2: & 3: for the win eh ! hehe https://elink.io/p/NGPDT enjoy. ps: when are we getting back our custom urls again ?
@tony_anastasi So glad you're loving those features:) We're saving the custom URLs for personal domains that will be coming in a future build.
@saje_sandhu Hi Saje, as a user for around 3 months now - I love the simplicity and end result of Elink! You guys have continued to develop new features too and I like the way you listen intently to your future prospective users, who have great ideas, that are always considered for future releases. Good luck as you progress further into 3.0! Regards, Robin.
@robinyearsley Thank you so much for the kind words! We're lucky to have such a great group of users like you, who are as passionate about elink as we are:)
@saje_sandhu how soon for the custom URL's. Folks like to improve their SEO, not detract. Product looks flipping sweet! Love the embeds, responsiveness and options for curating links. Really brilliant stuff. In the wake of curation overload, this is refreshing.
I bookmark pages and create folders for collections. It's pain to share these folders with others. Elink solves this problem in a very elegant manner. Love it! I'm sold.
@xmanav We are glad elink is solving these problems for you :) Have you check out our new video on the different types of content you can share with elink
This is a well-designed. simple to use tool for sharing curated links. I'll give it a try. Great work
@germancastano Thanks for kind words! Look forward to hearing what you think about it:)
@saje_sandhu I've created this https://elink.io/998c5 your tool works perfectly to curated links, It would be nice to be able to add tags to the links that can be a good filter in the page. Besides I put a long tagline and is not displayed as a two line text, but a whole great line of text that affects the header design, you could check that, maybe a max character limit could work. I simplified the tag line so now it looks good.
@germancastano Thank you for your feedback:) That is strange, we have max limits in place. I'll message inside the app so we can resolve it.
Love using elink! Definitely simplified my life, thanks guys!
@geec thanks! Would love to hear how you are using elink?
@raj_sandhu I use it to curate my Youtube video ideas and also share those links when I'm collaborating with others. It's so great to have one link for all my SM channels because otherwise it seems to take up so much space. I could go on & on but the analytics is so crucial for me and you guys have done a great job with that too! Keep it up guys!
@geec That is awesome. You just nailed it. Since Instagram only allows you to add one link in your bio, elink is a great way to solve that one link problem :)
I had this idea of "The best of my Inbox this week" and was trying to figure out the best way to share it with my readers. I will try this, looks like what I was looking for.
@jaironpz We are excited to meet your needs :) If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.
@raj_sandhu I am enjoying the product so far! Really time saving. I wonder if you plan to add an option to move a link from one dashboard to another. I am using Pocket to save my links and organizing them in my 3 dashboards afterwards. (I'm kind of a fan already...)But it would be easier to have a general draft dashboard from which to move the links to the appropriate public dashboard. (Since not every link I save will make the cut to the weekend update). Best regards!
@jaironpz so glad you are liking it and it helps you save time. Yes, adding links to a repository from where you can add it to different elinks is something we plan to tackle.