Eli Zero

The ultimate neighborhood electric vehicle

Eli Zero is designed to make short trips easy and fun with the personal electric vehicle reimagined.

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What's the difference with a Renault Twizy?
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A car that is raising funds on Indiegogo. If that's not ambitious idk what is ⚡
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@amrith The only thing more ambitious than that is backing it on Indiegogo. :)
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So it's like a nice golf cart that you drive around in your rich neighborhood while waving at your not so cool neighbors. Alright, that's harsh, but the 25 MPH speed does make it a fancy golf cart which are mostly electric nowadays. Probably something I never see myself in the market for but I see how other people would be interested in it.
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25 mph top speed is very limited; even a burst to 30 is going to potentially cause some road rage and a hazard when people attempt to pass!
Great job!! 😊 This is new innovation of electric cars. Does it ship to India?