Elgato Stream Deck is a customizable controller for your computer. Primary made for Livestreaming but since it's customization options, you can use it for almost everything!

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Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ ToTheTens
This is one thing that's been at the top of my stream-related wishlist since it came out. I have a friend who purchased one, and loves it. When you're streaming, it can help to juggle different functionality while you're in a full-screen game, or just give easy access to functionality. Think of it as a MIDI controller for streamers. Soundboards, controlling music, swapping stream scene setups, or really anything you can think of, the StreamDeck can help you do.
Jake Crump
Head of Support at Product Hunt
@_amatzen This is seems like it would very useful for someone trying to juggle a bunch of different programs and windows while streaming. Have you gotten a chance to use it yet?
@jakecrump Unfortunately not, but I know somebody who uses it to his stream. It's a kind of keyboard for shortcuts only, but it is so customizable. He uses it to switch scene in OBS (Open Broadcaster Service).
Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ ToTheTens

This is a product I've been excited about since its release. It provides a myriad of integrations designed to make a streamer's life easier, plus it serves as a general purpose controller for actions on your PC as well, which can be useful, particularly since it can provide visual feedback per button vs having to remember key combos. It's definitely been on my wishlist since its release.


Great for managing stream actions

Cool, customizable piece of hardware

Folders, so multiple actions per button

Awesome integrations


Price isn't terrible, but it's $150.

Could probably be somewhat emulated with a MIDI controller/software

Josh RobbinsHIV Activist & TEDx Speaker
I use this for a one-man show stream switcher with OBS and it’s perfect! The best tool I’ve used in a long time... it just works!