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Display your knowledge base in a tab, or via inline popups

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We have been using Elevio at Accountable for a while now and it has definitely helped visitors understand our SaaS offering better. The inline popups are new, so we are looking forward to integrating them onto our website. Great job @duellsy and @mattems
@KevinLeeHenry Thanks Kevin, we made sure to keep testing your site during development to make sure everything would continue to work when we pushed the new version, hope you like it! (sent you an email earlier also, hope you got it)
A very useful and neat tool you guys have built. Will be signing up as a customer as soon as my product is ready.
@KeeranRavee look forward to seeing what you think and good luck with the product launch!
Hey all, this is a complete rebuild of a site we created earlier in the year. It allows site owners to reduce their support load and increase user satisfaction by displaying their knowledge base in a tab, as well as showing contextual help popups for inline support. Would love to hear your feedback!
Just checking in and would love to hear feedback from everyone. If you have any questions @duellsy or myself will be happy to help :)
I like this integration of a knowledgebase with live support. Is it customizable so that if you want just live chat or knowledge base only (globally or on a page by page basis) that you can do just those pieces?
@AnujAdhiya currently no, but if it's something you'd like please add it here: https://elevio.uservoice.com/for...
@AnujAdhiya got it, thanks for that.