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Eleven is developing a planning, buying, and measurement solution for branded entertainment / influencer marketing that mirrors traditional TV ad buying/planning, and audience measurement methodologies.

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Bridging gaps between Ent. and Ads
Hey PH! Malik, COO of Eleven here. We're a startup based in LA (Elkanah's in LA) and NY/Baltimore - We've been working together for 3 years, and first met in person last year for a Digital Dumbo panel in Brooklyn (Shout out to all the other remote teams out there!) We think of Youtube channels as TV channels and believe advertisers should treat them as such, so we built what we call an "Ad tech Adjacent" system to do just that. Eleven allows advertisers to plan and buy branded entertainment and influencer marketing just like traditional TV commercials. What sets us apart from data services like Demographics pro, or AI based influencer platforms like Influential is our approach/methodology. Again, we think of these as TV channels, so our approach to audience measurement and market research come straight from TV. Just like Nielsen/Comscore, we have a survey panel of over 18Million people worldwide that also have their devices tagged and tracked, so we know what they watch online. As they naturally visit partnered Youtube channels, we're able to attribute their survey answers to the overall youtube channels audience, just like the old school guys use to determine how many people watched what show via a sample size. Our survey exposes over 20,000 first party, known truth data points, which allows us to not only give a deep dive into publisher audiences, but it allows us to show coverage in the traditional currency standard, Gross/Target Rating Points. And no, we're not an influencer marketing platform. If anything, we think of them as freestanding "ad networks" which we hope to plug into the overall "adtech" ecosystem, so you can buy influencer inventory from you DSP of choice. What you guys are seeing today is essentially a DMP with a pretty UI. There's an SSP, and DSP as well, but the DMP is the core technology. We've got plenty of demos and thought leadership/philosophy videos. Let us know if you'd like to schedule a hands-on demo!
Elkanah Carnell Reed
Founder at Eleven Digital, Inc.
Through working with ELEVEN Digital's Inc. R&D lab, publishers and advertisers can effectively combine their resources to deliver more value to consumers every day while growing their bottom line in economically efficient ways at scale (across every media distribution channel).