Simple crypto portfolio investing

Elevatyr is a mobile platform designed to bring simplicity and ease to crypto investing. Invest in many of world's most popular cryptocurrencies simultaneously, rather than trading one at time through confusing exchanges. Currently available in the US in most states on iOS. Android app to be released soon.

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3 Reviews5.0/5

As someone who has wanted to get into investing in cryptos, but didn't want to do the dance to invest in each separately, this has been a dream come true.


Makes it incredibly easy to invest in multiple crypto currencies without the hassles of dealing with wallets, and easy to use/understand UI


- I wish there were auto investing on a weekly schedule or investing my round ups from my purchases

This makes a lot of sense. Basically a Crypto version of Acorns, about time!
Stephen Chip
Co-founder, Cruise.me
Seems it’s missing the number two cryptocurrency XRP.