Elevator Estimator

Want profitability? Figure it out in under 60 seconds.

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Here's a fun little biz tool for estimating the financials for your next project or idea in under 60 seconds.
Thanks for your support @writerpollock We've all heard of doing an elevator pitch but what happens when you need to figure out how take to make your startup profitable? That's where Elevator Estimator comes in. I created this after attending too many meetings that concluded with unrealistic expectations and a giant cloud of confusion. Create a break-even analysis in less than 60 seconds, set profit targets, and find out just how many apps/furry balls/or drones (anything really) you need to sell to pay the bills. Feel free to ask me any questions and get Elevator Estimator for 66% off today only!
Just wrote your first app review. Nice clean app. Did lose my Elevator Estimate data after sharing results.
@riptide360 Had you created an account?
@riptide360 If you've had some problems, please let me know! You can private message me on Twitter.
sigh...Didn't get that 66% because I'm using the Malaysian App Store. Bought it nevertheless.
@cleavatron I'm sorry! It might be because Malaysia is past the date line so it's no longer the 14th. Thanks for giving it a shot anyway!
@jpsanabria can you make something like this for real estate investment properties to factor in cash flow quickly? Love this app.
@kosmalak Thats a great idea! I will definitely consider that for my next app. Thanks for your input.