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Hey I'm Joe, I designed Elevate and am happy to answer any questions. I work at a small agency called LETO and the whole team has had experience with mental health issues, either personally or through loved ones/friends. We decided to run a hackathon dedicated to trying to help in this space. Elevate aims to help you remember your small moments of happiness. By taking the time to take visual notes of all the little things that make you happy we hope to help you stay positive when life gets hard. For more on why we decided to build Elevate check out this post. https://medium.com/@joewattsdesi...
Found this outrageously simple app to help celebrate the little things. I've usually got a lot going on, so it's pretty difficult to actually take stock and remember those mini-events that are worth remembering - so I use Elevate to help capture those moments and remember them during more stressful times...! Bonus points: I believe it was put together in a weekend for a mental health hackathon, which is really awesome!
@sam_piggott Thanks for the hunt Sam! The design, website and a very early Xcode simulator iOS app were ready to present at the end of the hackathon. The actual app was ready to release a few days after that. It turns out the scrolling method I proposed was quite tricky to achieve.
Been using it for a few days and love it - it makes it super fun to celebrate your small wins through the day - shout out to @joewattsdesign and @weareleto for making me muscle this to the front page of my iPhone apps 🙌🎉💪🏻 In this day and age it's to easy to get lost in the noise and feel like you're not achieving but this app helps me reflect and know I'm doing great things that make a difference to myself and others. Thank guys 👊
This is really nice, great work. I found my self looking at 2016 and thinking what have I achieved. It felt like absolutely nothing when of-course in fact that's simply not true. I wrote down a list of things and have slowly start added then to this app. It's helped so much.
@thebarbican19 Really glad you're enjoying it Joe, I did a similar list which was one of the inspirations for Elevate https://medium.com/@joewattsdesi... We've moved incredibly fast with the app and are currently looking for features to add in v2... any thoughts?
@joewattsdesign I will read that later, thanks. Erm I would suggest custom pictures and adding dates for past achievements.
@thebarbican19 Awesome! We had those ideas kicking around already so good to know you'd find them useful
Love this :)
@joshuauwadiae Thanks Joshua... I hope you enjoy using it :)