Effortless reminders using natural language and SMS

Easily create reminders for yourself, family and friends using natural language via text messages. Just add Elephant to your contact list and start using it.
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This app looks similar to my app https://www.dearEle.com except my app built for email reminders instead of SMS. Even the logo (pink, elephant) looks same, what a coincidence.
@prakis wow, I really never saw your app before. I think associating elephant with memory is something a lot of people will do and the color, yeah, definitely a coincidence.
This is a great idea
I tried to setup my account but it parsed my timezone incorrectly... I sent "setup brady los angeles" and it set my timezone to America/Santiago
@brady_endres1 Thanks for reporting that. I was able to reproduce it here. It's probably a collision with another city with same name. You can try "setup brady san diego" and it will setup to Los Angeles timezone.
I keep forgetting things so I end up building this app for my own use. Text messages were always the most effective way to get my attention so I decided to build a reminder bot using the phone network. The Elephant bot is similar to the one available on Slack (slackbot). After using my own app for a decent amount of time and finding it useful, I decided to turn it into a product. Since SMS is a paid service (I use Twilio.com), the product is free to try but paid if you would like to keep using it. To get a 20% lifetime discount use the code "producthunt" during the subscription process. (available for 48h).