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Digital agencies need to safely manage countless passwords for client staging sites, social media accounts, marketing automation applications and more. ElePass is a client password management tool designed with airtight security to keep your client data safe, while providing virtually effortless access for your employees and contractors.

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Hey everyone - Thanks for checking out ElePass! The idea of ElePass came to us after noticing a trend where agencies were struggling to maintain and secure their client's information. Once you get started on a project, or start working with a new client, you will receive emails for your client's Adwords account, or their Instagram account, or their Buffer account and so on. Sometimes you will flag the email for later, or write down the information on a Post-It note, or you will create a spreadsheet to keep everything together for your team. We wanted to create an alternative way to handle sensitive information and for agencies to feel secure knowing their client's information is secure at all times. ElePass is not just a password management tool - it's a structured application meant to fit the needs and workflow patterns of agencies and businesses with a direct client relationship. The best part - You don't have to worry about paying for every user who is part of your company! You can invite all of your freelancers, partner agency members and team members to ElePass and ensure that everyone has the right security they need. There are no caps as you use the system - You can have as many clients with as much information as you need. You shouldn't be penalized for securing your team! Have a look and tell us what you think! I'm here to answer any questions you have. We look forward to having you!
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Fabian CookSenior Software Developer

Works great, even generates passwords for your clients if you need it. Easy transition from a spreadsheet


Great for agencies, has security in mind, has password generator


Haven't found any yet

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Glad to hear it's worked out well for you so far!
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