Advanced drag & drop live page builder for WordPress.

Elementor is the most advanced FREE page builder for WordPress, which introduces a whole new visual way to design your WordPress website.

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I'm CEO at Elementor. We're very excited to launch Elementor on Product Hunt. I'm here to answer any question you have regarding Elementor and how to get started. In short, Elementor is the first live and totally free page builder to offer advanced design capabilities. It is open source, and works faster than any other page builder for WordPress, paid or free. You can use it to design landing pages, homepage, contact, blog posts, any page you like. Please, don't be shy, Ask Me Anything!
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@yonilux What made you decide to build Elementor? :)
@braunshizzle We felt the need to create web pages, blog post with a high end design was growing, and no page builder or design solution on WordPress offered the necessary speed, performance, clean code and UI to do the job right.
@yonilux need Twitter and Facebook feed widget.
@kresnabayuputra You're right. It's on our roadmap for upcoming months
I've tested multiple WordPress page builders, the Elementor is the most user-friendly, feature rich and fastest builder. Thanks for your contribution to open-source.
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@vovafeldman Thank you Vova
@vovafeldman it's feature packed and a mist have from my initial tests.
Great page builder... However, bearing that your landing page says to try it for free, does it have a paid tier? If it does, what are the premium features?
@patrick_udeh We guarantee all the many design features you currently see on Elementor (and which are not available on any other free page builder) will stay free. In the future we do have plans to release premium features, but the free plugin will always have advanced design capabilities, much more than other page builders. This is our vision. Also, we encourage other developers to create new extensions for this plugin, since it is Open Source and GPL.
@bpines1 Cool. I have it installed already and will give it a go once the time presents itself.
very impressive and fast / simple, where you save post data, in custom meta?
had seen: http://take.ms/MfSUN , but can't understand how do you separate what kind of data show in a dashboard wp editor, and what kind of the data add to "_elementor_data"
@mpavlukevich This is the default method from WordPress to store array in DB. It's call `serialize`.
@yonilux why you don't use shortcodes for build your elements? :)
@mpavlukevich We don't use shortcodes because we want it to excel in performance and speed