Elementary OS 5 Juno

The fast, open, and privacy-respecting OS


elementary OS 5 Juno is here. It’s more refined, more productive, and an even better platform for developers. We've majorly updated apps, made the desktop more productive with several new features, refined the overall look and feel, and a whole lot more.

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Digital Content Manager

Amazing, open-source alternative to traditional desktops. It's simple, clean, and beautiful. Definitely makes me more productive. In the end, I have very few complains about it. If you are a Linux user, I can almost garuntee you have already tried it. If you are not a Linux user, this is one of the best ways to jump into that world.


Great curated pay-what-you-want app store, it's open-source, and its design is genuinely inspiring.


The Close, Minimiza, Maximize change up will take some getting use to if you are coming from Windows or Mac.

I love edtech, music, and gamification.

I decided to switch to Linux early this year, trying many distros and desktop environments. Elementary was the only distribution that felt like it "just worked" and didn't need tweaks and themes to make the desktop satisfying to use. It also ran much faster than GNOME based distros like Ubuntu on my aging laptop.

In my opinion it is the most well-designed and accessible flavor of Linux right now. Perfect for old hardware and for friends who want to use something simpler and lighter than Windows.


- Runs fast on old laptops

- Polished, elegant, & consistent UI

- Respects user privacy by default

- Growing ecosystem of native apps


- Some apps are half-baked, like the Calendar

- No system tray

Electrical Engineer

Nice work :)


1. Very smooth on low spec notebook.

2. Lightweight and Stylish.

3. Updated and app support for daily use.


1. Expecting a good looking icon pack in next release