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Hey PH! We are really excited to share Elemeno with the world. We would love to hear your thoughts, and we're more than happy to answer any questions you have. Elemeno is a content management platform that allows you to really easily define a content model, create and manage your content, and then deliver that content to any platform or device via our API. We are front-end agnostic which means you're free to use your favorite languages, frameworks, and templating libraries. We are building out a suite of libraries for various languages and frameworks which make it even easier to interact with our API. We are still very early days and have many features planned that will continue to be rolled out during our public beta period. We want to make Elemeno a tool loved by the community, and we truly value your ideas and suggestions.
@chriserwin Hey Chris, this looks pretty similar to www.buttercms.com, any thoughts on what's different?
@gaurav_chaturvedi Hey Gaurev, ButterCMS is very similar in concept to Elemeno as it delivers content via an API. ButterCMS seems to be more focused on Blogging, while Elemeno is designed to support content of any type. Our easy to use drag and drop interface allows you to quickly setup the input fields for your content items. The Elemeno API is also RESTful which makes it really easy to retrieve collections of items, or a single item. We also offer some other features which set us apart: - media file processing (resizing, cropping, meta data) - user permissions - webhooks - more input types - content versioning
Looks pretty neat, any key differences between you and https://www.contentful.com?
@devankoshal Contentful is certainly a leader in this space and they have a really interesting product. However we've always found their UI and API hard to use and understand, especially for non-technical people on the team. We felt their was room for improvement in this space and that's why we created Elemeno. The key difference between Elemeno and Contentful is our user experience. While that may not seem like a key differentiator, having a tool that anyone on your team can easily use and understand is invaluable. We are still very early days and have a long list of features that will continue to set us apart from other services in this space. We would love to hear any feedback or thoughts you have about Elemeno, so feel free to reach out any time.
I like this idea. You can use a front end framework now without having to build out a backend. Just use the front end framework to pull and modify data through the API. I can see building fast little CMS systems for clients using Vue.js or Angular.
@_jacurtis Thanks! we also love this idea of a "serverless" application. Simply build a front-end application host it on S3 or something comparable, and still have the ability to have managed content. We plan on building libraries for some of the popular JS frameworks which will make it even easier to build something like this with Elemeno.
I think it would be quite useful in the admin interface to have direct links to the api endpoint on each specific "single item" or "collection".