Electron Toolkit

Toolkit to build and launch Electron apps

#2 Product of the DayDecember 08, 2017

Electron Toolkit is a lightweight, small-sized, powerful open source application to launch Electron apps.

It bundles a suite of tools to generate assets and artifacts such as installers, binaries, icons, screenshots, product videos  —  everything needed for a successful launch. You can even generate full landing pages for your app!

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Hello hunters, Electron is an amazing solution to create cross platform desktop apps with Web technologies. However, making these apps publicly available requires a lot of effort. Every targeted platform needs different icons, installers and updates. Everyone should be able to find and download the app. This means developers have to host binaries, schedule rollouts and manage new and deprecated versions. A product website is required to describe features and changes, link to social channels, and provide the latest download links. Electron Toolkit is an open source suite of tools that attempts to solve the above problems and make launching Electron apps simple, fast and fun. Started from the command line, Electron Toolkit guides developers with a graphical user interface through the launch process and provides tools for: -icon generation -screenshot and video capturing -multi platform installer configuration and generation -artifact publishing -landing page generation We started to work on these tools after we spent weeks of work on the release of a software even though the actual development was already complete. The goal is to reduce the time to launch of new desktop apps to less than a day. We hope the tools are helpful and are happy about any feedback, feature requests or contribution ;)
We love javascript))
I've been working on an Electron application for the past few weeks and have struggled with managing some of the problems that this toolkit solves, I'm excited to give it a go 😍
@pav_sidhu let me know if you have any question and all the best for your app launch ;)
Looks really interesting! I have used electron extensively over the last 12 months and I had two big issues. One is the one you are trying to solve and it looks great! The other is the size of electron apps being very large. Have you managed to look into that side of things? Love the look of this product!
@willam_woodhead glad you like it! Electron apps unfortunately have a lower size limit of ~30MB because of their runtime system. However, I believe that this size will get shrinked in the future and I can also think of multiple apps sharing one runtime as it is the case in the browser. If the packaged apps are really, really large, this is most of the time a configuration issue - multiple target architectures bundled in one installer. Try to set 32Bit explicitly and compare the sizes of your binaries. We might add this tip to the info box in the configurator view. Hope it helps. Thanks
@willam_woodhead @philipplgh Please. Who is your audience that they are obsessed with desktop app size in 2017? Don't allow your techy bias dictate what you think anyone else cares about. node_modules size are way down the list of priorities to worry about. node and npm modules were never intended for desktop distribution so there's work to be done there about native module management and build artifacts.
Yet to download, but I know for sure I will fork and contribute, been thinking about a GUI for ages. Well done!