Electric Sheep Gold

Crowdsourced evolving art, now in HD

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Making Electric Sheep available in HD on the Mac has been like 10 years in the making. So happy to finally see this released! Here're some details: What do you get for your Gold Sheep subscription? You get higher quality visuals, and faster servers with more bandwidth. The Gold sheep are for the desktop version only. They require the new client so be sure to have upgraded to v3.0 or better. The regular free Electric Sheep are at TV resolution and aspect ratio. The Gold Sheep are HD and widescreen, with double the number of total pixels. Not only that, the Gold Sheep have 250% higher bandwidth due to better compression settings. Furthermore, they move in slow motion, with double the resolution in time. Together, this results in startling depth, clarity, and fluidity with none of the blocky blurring seen in the free version. Anyone who likes the free Sheep will love the Gold Sheep. These higher resolution files are delivered by the Amazon CloudFront network, instead of free servers kindly donated by The Internet Archive.
@chrismessina This seems cool but just so I am understanding... you say it's crowdsourced art - how exactly does that work / how do you mean crowdsourced? can artists affect it in real time or something? Sorry just didn't truly understand.
@exlemor it's like Seti-at-home, where users' CPUs are used to generate new fractal video clips and then uploaded and merged on the server, which are then downloaded to other users. So, you don't do anything active besides run the application... @scott_draves can explain more though, I'm no expert!
So exciting! Been using Electric Sheep for 8 years or so. Can't wait to see it in HD.