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Jake Levine
Jake LevineMaker@jrlevine · Founder & CEO, Electric Objects
Hi Product Hunt — For those not familiar with Electric Objects, we've built a screen designed to bring art from the Internet into your home. It lives on your wall or on a stand, and you discover and display art using our iOS and Android apps. We launched on Kickstarter last year, and are now shipping direct and through a partnership with Amazon. You can learn more about it here: https://www.electricobjects.com/ Art Club is the result of the last year's worth of work. It's a community and a growing collection of new and original art made specifically for Electric Objects. We collaborated with libraries, museums, record labels, websites, GIF search engines, video game companies, publishing platforms, illustrators, video artists, graphic artists, animators, photographers, and net artists to create a vibrant, weird and beautiful space for art. What isn’t obvious to most people is that Electric Objects has never really been about the hardware. It’s about, and has always been about, the community: a collection of like-minded artists, organizations, and art fans who believe there’s another way to enjoy the Internet, one worthy of the walls in our home. Looking forward to your feedback!
Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella@cenedella · Founder, Ladders
@jrlevine congratulations. got this live on my office EO1 now.
Evan Lodge
Evan Lodge@evanlodge · YC Backed Founder, Product Consultant
Congrats @jrlevine
Matt Dickinson
Matt Dickinson@mattdickinson · Cofounder TheMindfulnessSummit.com
@jrlevine when you guys did the kickstarter there was a mess up and I missed out on getting on of your wood framed screens... Is there any way I can get one? Cheers!