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Hi all! Thanks for the q's. We recently launched a complete redesign of the Electric Objects app experience, and we'd love your feedback! For those that are new to Electric Objects, we built a custom matte high-def screen designed specifically for art, and apps for Android and iPhone that allow you to discover and display over 15,000+ animations, video art, photography, illustration, and web-based works. When we started working on Electric Objects, it was home to just a few hundred works of art. Our early designs were meant to accommodate a small number of artworks. As the community has grown, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of artworks available in the system, both from our own commissioned original artwork in Art Club — we just committed $100,000 in 2016 and crossed 500 works commissioned to date — to the works our users are finding and uploading from all over the web. As the numbers grew into the thousands, it became clear that our original designs could no longer support the sheer volume of artwork available in the system. Now when you go to the Electric Objects app, you’ll see a section called “Explore” where you’ll be able to view art through new categories. You’ll find traditional categories like “Classics”, “Photography”, and “Video Art” in addition to categories that are more unique to Electric Objects like “Cinemagraphs”, “Web-based”, and “Digital Art”. Each category shows Popular and New works uploaded by users in addition to Art Club works made just for Electric Objects. Looking forward to any questions or feedback! Thanks as always.
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@jrlevine awesome!! do you have some favourite works :)
@bentossell @jrlevine one of my faves is "Dog", a piece from Dina Kelbermann's newest collection titled, This time: https://www.electricobjects.com/.... It's got the essentials for a great vid, animals and nature, and was inspired by a classic Simpsons clip too
Great work Jake + team! This is my favorite device at home (and I just bought another one for my office).
I remember getting the EO raspberry pi prototype ~2 years ago. What's the biggest learning since launch, @jrlevine?
@rrhoover Oh man, all the things. Here are a few, I'm sure you've heard most of this before: a) Building and selling a product is very different than building a team whose business is building and selling a product. b) $299 is the correct price for this product :) c) People love Playlists, screens love change, and we resist these natural desires at our peril: https://medium.com/the-frontier/...
What about shipping to Europe ? Pleeeaaase
This is one of the best products I own. The art is great and it's amazing how quickly the collection keeps growing.
@andresblank Thanks Andres !