Electric Objects

Digital artwork from the Internet on your wall (pre-launch)

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I just backed this on kickstarter. Really interesting. I think I'd actually like it more if there was no choice involved and everyone saw the same art each day as everyone else. Would certainly start interesting conversations. Jake, if you're raising money from investors, we'd love to take a look at CrunchFund.
@arrington thanks michael! the good news is that this thing is as flexible as the Internet, and I expect artists and developers to surprise us with what they do with it. Subscription, curation, group shows... at the end of the day it's a dumb device with a good look, great graphics performance, and a browser. All of the intelligence is in the software layer.
@arrington Everyone seeing the same art each day? Love that idea. Imagine the discussions
Love that idea, @arrington. Quick tangent: the Internet continues to become more personalized and "algorithmically" optimized. I feel we've lost some of the water cooler conversation that's inspired when everyone sees the same thing, such as a site like HackerNews ("Did you see that article on HN yesterday? Congrats on hitting the HN front page!" etc.). TechCrunch and other editorial publications inspire the same discussion. In comparison, Medium is a recent example of a personalized feed. Their homepage used to surface the most recommended posts each day. I liked it. And then they started personalizing what's shown based on each user's past behavior, social connections, and other inputs. The quality of content surfaced may have increased (I'm not really sure) but in doing so, it lost the weight of discovering "the best articles written on Medium" for me. I really like the idea of interacting and discovering art with friends through EO, but I would also like to see a feed of the most popular art for the reasons Arrington describes. Perhaps the same piece of art could rotate at the top of every hour for everyone viewing that "mode." Thoughts, @jrlevine?
@rrhoover your describing what happens as communities get bigger, and the effects are totally dependent on the structure of the network. hacker news and old digg, for example, lose some value as they grow in size (the bigger the room, the more people, the harder it is to have a conversation). When you let your network splinter into clusters (Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr), you can preserve some semblance of community at scale. this is true regardless of media type (text, music, video, art). so your question is an interesting one, but I'm not sure "Popular" is what you want. what you want is "Popular in a network that is contextually relevant to you." in other words, you want to share an experience around what's popular on HypeMachine, not iTunes.
@jrlevine 100% agree. HN's frontpage works because it's a community primarily for hackers/engineers/technologists. It makes sense for Medium to to move to a personalized homepage (or at least something that's not entirely homogeneous) to appeal to a broader audience. I think EO's early adopters might be likeminded and small enough to value a universal "popular" feed initially but over time that could splinter (a la sub-reddits or tubmlr hashtags).
They just announced their Kickstarter campaign. Super excited for this. I purchased @jrlevine's MVP package a few months ago -- he shipped me a Raspberry Pi, some cables, and I reused an old computer monitor. Here's a picture of my setup. I'm most interested in the social aspects of EO. I'd love to be able to "push" art to my friends and families' wall.
@rrhoover like this? That would be soooo cool.
I've had one for a few months in my office. I recommend grabbing one from the Kickstarter.
Hey thanks @rrhoover! This is slightly overwhelming, we broke our goal before I got a chance to tweet about it. Happy to answer any questions about the project!
@jrlevine Amazing, my collection from reddit.com/r/cinemagraphs will finally have a place in my apt. Congratulations on the VERY successful kickstarter and I can't wait until May 2015 :)
@WesMagness thanks man! that's awesome. would love to see those on the wall.
@WesMagness exactly where my mind went!
The video was so well done. Great work @jrlevine!
@ZackShapiro thanks zack! super interesting process to go through.