Election Heroes

These are the heroes that America needs

Who would you support in the 2020 election if the world was full of superheroes?
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that's Boris Johnson, not Donald Trump, lmao
@radu_ciurca LOL - I mean both have great hair 👱
Hey Product Hunter 👋 Currently the Election Heroes team includes Bernie Sanders (Berning Man), Elizabeth Warren (Wonder Warren), Andrew Yang, Joe Biden & the big man himself, Donald Trump - with many more coming soon. For today only, get 20% off using promode: PRODUCTHUNT Is your hero missing? You can vote for the next election hero right now.
Really nice Idea
You should let people know in real time how many of each shirt you have sold. It might be an extra nudge for some people to buy if they want their favorite candidate to have the most sales.
@christine_renee That's a great idea. I might take a look the fomo plugin.
Oh I get it...Super Heroes like Will Smith's Hancock