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Hey ProductHunt! From #BirdieSanders to “Please Clap” with Jeb Bush, the clearest winner of the 2016 Elections Season are dank memes. Since the start of this presidential race, candidates, media, and voters alike have been using memes as a mechanism to impact the election narrative. And with over 524k social mentions of election/ candidate-related memes on the internet over the past year, meme usage is predicted to soar between now and November. As a way to capture all of the Internet’s greatest meme creations, our team at DUMBO-based digital agency Big Spaceship has created ElectMeme.LOL, an election meme voting game. By staying neutral, the team is trying to appeal to “political dabblers” from both sides of the aisle and ultimately, they hope to engage a new generation in this elections season. Users can interact with over 200 of the best election memes circulating the Internet and with one click, can vote on their favorite and learn more about the meme meaning. Visitors to the site can also view the overall ranking of their winning choice vs. all memes on the site, can select Republican vs. Democrat to sort memes by political party, share their experience via social and submit their own memes for consideration.
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