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ElearnT - a next-gen e-learning software solution is all ready to conquer the present-day education scenario. This premium ready-made solution allows users to build and deploy comprehensive e-learning platforms & apps from the get-go. Additionally, it is made open for customization and can be modified as per their demands.

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Hey Product hunters 💟 ElearnT is a white-label e-learning software built as a comprehensive ready-made solution, which facilitates your efforts to set up an advanced digital learning platform/app. This all-encompassing software solution primarily focuses on rendering an alluring learning experience, also ensures the best value for the money that is spent on it. With an abundance of features and functionalities incorporated, it promises great efficiency and potentiality throughout the process. Most significantly, it’s diverse revenue generation schemes aid enterprises to get the best ROI out of their efforts. As it assures maximal transparency, relevance, and scalability, this fully-fledged solution connotes the most upgraded digital learning software available as of now. And because it is made simple to avail, organizations can employ and effortlessly transform it into a personalized e-learning portal that satisfies all their unique business requirements. Explore our website to get access to ElearnT free demo.
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I tried the demo, seems great, especially useful for someone who seeks a quick way to set up an online learning platform. However, I would like to have some clarification on the feature aspects, - Is there any effective way I can scale my efforts to improve the platform? - Do this software has integrated video/audio lessons? - How will I manage the payments/transactions from international users, if I have any?
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@kathreen_jose First of all, thank you for your interest in our white-label e-learning software. And we are glad that you went further enough to experience the software by accessing the demo version of it. As you said, ElearnT indeed is the quickest way to deploy a digital learning portal, and there is no doubt that we have included everything you need to run an e-learning business successfully. Now, let us give clarifications for the questions you’ve asked. 1)You can scale your efforts and strategies effectively if you are using ElearnT platform. The in-built analytics tracking feature provides you clear insights on how the users’ behave, what their expectations are and what should be done to enhance the overall experience. 2)Yes, we indeed have incorporated audio/video lessons. This will help you accommodate a wide range of learners. 3)An already known feature named ‘Multicurrency’ has been included in ElearnT, which enable the international students to pay by the currency they are comfortable with. Also, the secure stripe-based payment gateway is robust and worth to rely on.
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I like the way the interface is framed. Took a quick look into the demo; descent made, quick and efficient it seems. Anyway, might need to customize if you looking to launch it as a business. Hope the software is customizable.
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@mark_chainberg Thank you for your great feedback. Appreciate that you took some time to check the demo. And just as you said, you might need to customize the script if you have some specific business requirements. The script is flexible and open for customization. Hope this help 🙂
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This is a little more than a regular e-learning website I guess. Many advanced functionalities, It looks almost complete, and the response of the platform was quick and accurate. I have a good feeling, but anyhow, need more clarity on its business-focused aspects.
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@johnalgertweets Thank you for your valuable response. Pleased that you accessed the free demo. We are happy to clarify your doubts regarding the business-focused features incorporated within the premium ElearnT script. First of all, there is a multitude of attributes included; most importantly, as an organization, you can scale your strategies and efforts, also, the payment mechanism we integrated is robust and reliable. Kindly visit our website to get the complete features list.
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The demo looks all right. Navigation is impressive, easy to create courses too. The admin panel appeared sophisticated and seems sufficient to run an e-learning business 🤑
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@victorjackk thank you so much or your feedback. We are glad to hear that you are interested in Elearnt. Please visit our website for more detailed information.