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I checked it out, seems like a useful site for finding courses. Would be interested in seeing something to know that the person recommending actually took the course and maybe a bit more detail as to why that course was selected when there are many on the same topic. There is some great potential I would just be interested in seeing why someone chose that course or maybe some sort of verified indication that the course was completed by the person recommending. I certainly could see using it once I get through my current course backlog:) Great job and excellent resource.
@robertwilliger Hi Robert, First thank you for your feedback and appreciation! You'r right we should make it clear that the courses we feature are courses we actually took and tell more about our criteria. Right now, we feature course that we really enjoyed taking and that we think are worth sharing. We will work on giving more info about why we select one course and not the other ;) with more criteria! Cheers, Sydney
I like that this collates learning courses that startups/entrepreneurs specifically would find useful - it's a good resource!
Hi Everyone My name is Sydney and I'm the co-founder of Elearnhero. Our mission at Elearnhero is to help entrepreneurs and startups finding courses to accelerate their business. Through our business studies and experiences with startup, we feel we can put together great ressources for anyone looking to step up his business. I'm already checking this page obsessively. We are very open for feedback and look forward hearing your thoughts! Happy hunting ;-)
hi @riaface -- the "courses" page doesn't list any courses for me. am i missing something? even disabled my ad blocker... screenshot: btw i'm in the latest version of safari (8.0.3)
@riaface @skinnyandbald Hey, It sometimes takes a few seconds before the courses appears. I will check if it's an issue with Safari ! Thank you for sharing