99 hand-drawn, naturally-aged emojis to empower the elderly

Eldermojis is a free iMessage sticker pack of 99 hand-drawn and naturally-aged emojis. They're an old twist on the classic emojis. Senior with iPhones are no longer forgotten! Empower the elderly and download today!
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Ok boomer
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@armand petition to rename to boomerojis @duck_muscle
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@armand @marawan_1997 Do you think GoDaddy will let me exchange eldermojis.com for boomerojis.com
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@marawan_1997 @duck_muscle Bro if you don't buy it I will
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Hello people of all ages! As millenials continue to age, they will need emojis that represent them. That is why I created Eldermojis - not only for the underrepresented tech seniors of the world, but for all of us as we get older and need to feel accepted via chat. This is a no code project using Procreate (drawing), Carrd (website), Photoshop (resizing, touch-ups) and Xcode (iMessage sticker template). Side note: I once interviewed with Product Hunt and @rrhoover told me I was special but not special enough to get the job. I never want him to forget me so that is why I'm here releasing another silly product.
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The artwork is a beauty
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New smiles i like.