Shorten, customize and get statistics for your links

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Hi Anirban! Cool product - can you walk us through some of the advantages this has over bit.ly or similar link shortening websites?
@nickabouzeid The advantage would be the ability to run this code yourself without having to pay bit.ly or similar services for their hosting, support, or SLA. Which means you are responsible for uptime and maintenance but can host on your own infrastructure / AWS / Heroku / etc.
@nickabouzeid As rightly pointed out by @stewartjarod , the biggest advantage is that everything is open and you can self-host the app on your own domain! We are also working on bringing more features like geo-targeting, URL preview, social media scheduling and management all for free which others are charging for.
I am very opinionated... so fair warning. This is written in PHP and is open sourced. I took a look at the code and was kind of surprised, it looks pretty well put together. That being said, I hope someone ports this to get rid of the php and perl :P
Hello Community! We developed an open source tool through which you can shorten your links, get click analytics, share on social media, customise and much more. We also developed chrome, firefox and opera extensions through which you can shorten and share links at just one click. Do check out the repository at https://github.com/boolean-world... . Your feedbacks are welcome!
this looks nice. I like YOURLS, which is a bit more complex, but lets you use your own domain https://www.rebrandly.com/ is also damn amazing (and free I think)