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Hi all! We’re excited to share Elasticode with the Product Hunt community. Elasticode’s mission is to solve a major problem in the mobile industry, where engagement ideas take way too long to turn into reality. Our solution allows anyone on the mobile team, without any coding skills, to create native in-app flows quickly and seamlessly integrate them into an existing app, personalize the experiences to fit specific segments, and instantly deploy them without waiting for approvals or updates. All the data and user feedback is aggregated in the analytics section or channeled back into your existing analytics platform. Onboarding, walkthroughs, detailed permission requests, version update prompts and more, these are just a part of the experiences we want anyone to have full control on, in production in real time. Let’s say you’re a product manager, and you’ve come up with a cool idea for an in-app experience you’d like to try out. Instead of weeks (and even months) of tedious cycles, we want you to have your graphics ready by noon, the native experience ready an hour later and immediately deployed to all users (or just a segment). No more dev ETA of weeks, approval and update cycles that never end. This daunting process is the reason why so many great ideas never make it to mobile users, and it’s a shame. Elasticode started out as a mobile personalization solution, and later on focused on helping mobile professionals create great onboarding flows. Soon after we’ve started our beta phase, we discovered that what most mobile companies are interested in is using our solution in different critical intersections along the app, and not necessarily during the first time user experience. So we broadened our focus to include more mobile experiences, such as in-app purchases, new features introductions and more. We hope you’ll enjoy Elasticode and can’t wait to see what our customers do with this newly-found creative freedom. So, what do you think?
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@wolkomir Love what you've been doing with Elasticode keep up the good work :)
@jodoron @wolkomir Thanks! We'll do our best :)
I used Elasticode in a hackathon way back when and loved it!
@coreylanders Thanks, Corey. Happy to hear!
I love the background engagement feature! That is a big idea. We have it on websites, why not on apps? I'd be highlighting that concept more.
@bradenhamm Thanks, Braden. Good advice.
Nice hunt, looks cool. If I make an onboarding, is it fully native?
@yoavvilner Thanks, Yoav! Appreciate it. And, yeah, absolutely. Every experience you create is fully native. We think it should feel like a natural part of the app and work seamlessly with it.
@nogahsenecky Great thanks! Good luck with the hunt
Been using this product for a while. brilliant work guys.
@galbracha Thanks for the kind words, Gal. And for being part of the process!