Elastic Drums

Powerful, fun easy-to-use music production app for iOS

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Elastic Drums is a fun, easy to use drum app with genuine sound, it works with drum synth modeling, so the the drum sounds are much more "elastic“ compared to the use of samples and what most drum apps do so far.

If you're ever inspired on the go this is a must have tool that lets you compose wherever you are as long as your phone is with you.

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AbadesiHunter@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
This is an app I've seen my OH obsess over for some time and have always been curious to try it, but he has been producing music for years and so I figured it might be too advanced for a noob like me. Then yesterday we found ourselves stuck on a delayed flight with no phone network or wi-fi. I asked if I could take a turn making a track on Elastic Drum and it blew my mind, this app is amazing I've now downloaded it for myself. I love watching shows like Rhythm Roulette and am constantly impressed by the speed in which they turn the record inspiration into a track. I feel like Elastic Drums lets me do that, too (though obvi I'm not that skilled yet 😂). With a library of drums, synths and samples plus a huge range of effects I can play with, within minutes I was bopping my head to a techno track I made. I hope the convenience of the app inspires me to keep making more tunes and use these samples to make more music with other software. Super excited.