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#4 Product of the DayAugust 17, 2015
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cedric deweeck
cedric deweeckMaker@knoddecee · Co-founder Hivemind
Hi Product Hunt! Awesome to be up here. A little background: I’m part of a startup accelerator (www.idealabs.be) in Antwerp, Belgium. During our program we share a lot of relevant articles and resources with our startups. We created a weekly digest, sharing 4 articles that were linked to the stage of our accelerator program. The thing with newsletters is: you’re subscribed to a bunch of them, but the articles in there are not always relevant for your startup, or your specific need. You often need to solve a specific problem, and need the best possible resource to help you. For example: how to launch your product on Product Hunt. We were testing integrations with Slack for another startup in the building, and suddenly came up with an idea: let's make our database of articles and resources accessible in Slack. We had some free time this week, and hacked El Robot together. Now you can access super relevant content directly in #‎slack, whenever you need it. Don't know how to create a product roadmap? El Robot will hook you up with the best articles on product roadmaps or on Funding, Marketing, Startup Tools and lots more. This is a prototype, built in a week. We already have some ideas to make it better: weekly digests, link it to existing newsletters, topical crawler, submit articles, submit topics. But, let’s see how this works and we’ll evaluate how to continue. If you have any feedback, feel free to ask questions or suggest product improvements! Give it a spin on Slack! Thanks for the Hunt Bram!
Joel Azevedo
Joel Azevedo@joelazeved0 · Co-Founder & Front-End Dev, PepFeed
@knoddecee I have been using it during this morning, digging it! Looking forward to further developments.
Leon Pals
Leon Pals@leonpals · Chairman Startup Foundation
Immediately installed it on #startup, makes sense right?
Yannick Khayati
Yannick Khayati@yakha88 · Digital Hustler @Boardofinno
Just wondering, why do you need to 'read any Slack messages and files I can see'? This way you would get access to lots of confidential information, I guess?
cedric deweeck
cedric deweeckMaker@knoddecee · Co-founder Hivemind
@yakha88 To start a real-time messaging call with Slack (so that El Robot can identify the right command), we need the client scope. Slack’s client scope has read/post permissions as a standard. We’re aware that it might seem strange, but this how the API of slack works. Maybe it’s something they should look into. More info on the API - https://api.slack.com/methods/rt...
Joel Azevedo
Joel Azevedo@joelazeved0 · Co-Founder & Front-End Dev, PepFeed
Hi Cedric, I may have experienced a bug. Since I installed El Robot, I can't receive proper notifications on my channels. Its like El Robot reads it all before me. The notifications quickly flash and then count as already read. Can't be uninstalled too?
Emiel Masyn
Emiel MasynMaker@emiel187 · Developer at Slide.li
@joelazeved0 Hi Joel, thanks for reaching out. We're looking into the notification problem as we speak. If you want to uninstall El Robot, remove it here: https://api.slack.com/tokens
Ryan Linstrom
Ryan Linstrom@ryanlinstrom · Chief Creative Officer, BeneFit
I'm loving the design on this landing page. Tiiiiiight.