Ekster Key Holder

Say goodbye to lost keys and clutter

#1 Product of the DayApril 15, 2020
Say goodbye to lost keys and bulky keychains. The Ekster Key Holder keeps your keys secure, and easily accessible. Keep tabs on your keys at all times via your phone, or smart assistant; use the integrated LED to always find the right key, even in the dark.
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Hey Product Hunt! We're pleased to announce the launch of our fourth Kickstarter campaign and Product Hunt listing, the Ekster Key Holder. With a tracker and an LED light, the Key Holder is a minimalist solution that keeps all your keys organized, secure, and easy to access. 1. Say goodbye to clutter It's never been easier to access the right key. The Ekster Key Holder organizes all your keys in a compact, silent stack, which you can flip through with just one hand. Say goodbye to keys jingling in your pockets, or scratching your valuables. 2. Never lose your keys again Lost your keys? Just ring them, or locate them on a map using your phone, Google Home, Alexa or Siri. You'll receive alerts if you leave them behind, and you can use the tracker to ring your phone too. Bonus: use the tracker as a remote control for group selfies. 3. Let there be light A built-in LED light ensures that you'll always find the right key and that you won't scratch your car or door in the dark. The light flashes when you ring your keys, so you'll be able to find them even in the darkest of corners. 4. Carry smarter This Key Holder stores 3-8 keys comfortably and is built for easy assembly on the go; no tools necessary. It comes with a magnetic add-on, allowing you to attach larger keys (like car keys) without the hassle. ABOUT US This is our fourth time here, and your overwhelming support has made it possible for us to reach our funding goal within fifteen minutes of launching the campaign! We couldn't have done it without our fans. It's been a strange few weeks for all of us, and hitting this goal motivates us to get through the coming months with all of you. Over the years, we've evolved as a brand, and so has our mission. We're now in the business of making life easier, and we build time-saving designs which will do that for you. That's why we've worked tirelessly to create a Key Holder and Tracker that match the modern functionality of our smart wallets. Help us bring this project to life, we'd love your feedback!
Key Holder + tracker app
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Thanks @jmitch for the hunt! We worked hard on this product, and loving the support
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@richardcanneman long time fan here and so excited every time you all launch something new. I'm sure you'll absolutely crush your goal.
Love the minimalist design! Big fan of Chipolo, way to go. Just backed your project on Kickstarter. Good luck!
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Love the smart design, and a big fan of all the previous products. Will definitely back on KS.
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Thanks for the hunt Justin! Great to see the product here
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