Eison Triple Thread

Democratizing made-to-measure menswear with Honest Luxury

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My good PH people, I’m beyond elated to see Eison Triple Thread on PH. I started this business in 2014 with a vision, to build a modern men’s fashion house online that embraces craftsmanship, style and refreshing experiences. We design, source textiles and manufacture our clothes allowing us to really deliver remarkable quality at competitive price points. Real quick, ETT is a 100% made-to-measure platform that lets you quickly and easily design a suit, jacket or shirt. We present styled options that can be adjusted via our product customizer. We incorporate our FIT Harmony process, which leverages our powerful body fit technology, your style profile and RTW (ready-to-wear) fit data to achieve a harmonious fit. All of our products are hand finished. Suits are delivered in 30-40 days and shirts 14-16 days. Problems we solve: -Fit: Off-the-rack menswear is made for men who have no names and perfect body proportions. If you don’t fit into that category, then chances are you spend $$$ on alterations or even worse, have created a relationship with bad fit. -Access: Custom menswear shops are antiquated in practice and don’t appeal to a younger generation of men. We’ve made the process simple, judge-free and exciting. -Garment Longevity: We all deserve to own clothing that lasts. While the bargain suit may serve a purpose and be functional, it isn’t built for the long game. -Experience: We create stylish menswear from a new perspective, inclusive of different cultures and lifestyles. -Product Range: Suits start at $699 and shirts $149. The brand grows with you. Let’s start the conversation. Would love to hear your feedback! P.S Use “PHETT” at checkout for a nice surprise!
I just checked out your site. Your menswear looks superb. I know where I'll be going to buy clothes in the future :)
@zacharykd Glad you appreciate the visuals. We'll be here when you're ready.
Some quality threads on here. Well done. Will be buying my next suit from you - great stuff!
@amplifiedsteve Thanks for the note. Looking forward to bringing you on.