Ego Icons

3,600 Icons with personality

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3 Reviews5.0/5
What kind of personality?
@bentossell I would call it "geometric".
@bentossell Sharp personality 😁
Vincent's Streamline set has been our absolute go-to for dozens of projects for years. He's a monster. A beast. The best.
@cozysd Wow, thanks! Now I can die ;-)
Cool icons, love the design of them. I just wish iconjar would make a Windows version.
@erickbarron86 I agree 100% Thought it will be difficult to port Iconjar to Windows, but I hope their success would inspire a developer!
Your icons are beautiful.
@wasim Thanks Wasim :-)
Love them! Vincent makes the best sets out there.
@emilanddc Thanks my friend :-) Working on Streamline 3.0, that will be an amazing release :-) Can't wait to send you the first icons.
@webalys @emilanddc Any rough estimates on the launch for v3?
@bryanmanio Will take many months, probably fall or winter this year.