Simple BASH script manager for your Mac menubar

Eggshell is a simple BASH script manager for Mac. Just add your scripts to Eggshell, and run them from your menubar. It's the easiest way to quickly set up local dev environments or run any frequently used scripts.

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Nice stuff! It would be great I could run a script with iTerm rather than
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Hey PH! Eggshell is a tiny product I made to practice my Swift skills. It's a BASH script manager for your Mac menubar. I've always struggled with managing all my BASH scripts - for example, scripts for running local dev environments - and wanted a centralized place to do that. That's why I build Eggshell. Hope you find it useful! :-)
@yoavanaki Seems to be pretty interesting. I would suggest you to buy certificate from Apple to avoid security warning message during install. If you set some fair price you'll get your money back soon.
Seems a good learning project but sure what advantage this has over — who is your market?