Bite-sized video training for modern web technologies

These guys produce great content and are extremely fast with producing new content. They had a series on react native before anyone else that I knew of. Great stuff.
Really well thought out service here that gets to the crux of skill based learning.
I have been an subscriber for quite sometime. What I really love about it, is that you can learn something very specific very fast. Whenever I don't understand something in let's say AngularJS, I look it up on the site, watch a 5 min video and continue my work. Very nice.
I'm happy to answer any questions!
@jhooks how did you guys come up with this idea and what separates egghead from the myriad of other choices out there?
@blendahtom My partner John Lindquist was making these awesome condensed "bite-sized" AngularJS videos and putting them on YouTube. I'm keen on business and marketing, and saw it as an opportunity to create a service and charge for it. I've got some more details here: One of the first goals was to diversify, and not make the entire burden of content fall on John. Now we've got a score of instructors producing content, and John focuses more on mentoring them to make sure the lessons are "egghead style" - short, to the point, no fluff single concept lessons about modern web development. John and I don't really care for online video learning, generally. It is long and boring. We produce what *we* like ;)
Let's see if @jhooks can jump in and answer some questions!