Effortless Reviews

Become the obvious choice for new customers.

Effortless Reviews is designed to help local businesses boost their reviews and become the obvious choice for new customers. Enter a customer's number after a visit and they'll receive a text message prompting for feedback and a review. It's never been easier!
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Hello! 👋 Effortless Reviews is a project I've been working on for about 3 years now, and I'm really excited to share it with you! I started making it for my dad who is a small business owner and wanted to find a way to get more reviews online. After seeing how much Effortless Reviews helped his business grow, I knew it could scale to help other businesses as well. I added a completely FREE version so anyone can try it out and see if it'd work for your business. I've put a ton of work into it and have some exciting features in the works. I'd love to hear your feedback and what features you guys think should be added!
This is awesome!! I've seen a lot of similar companies but no one does it for free.
Love the simple and intuitive interface
Looks interesting, but only for US businesses at the moment :( Will you be supporting non-US businesses in the future?
@secretagents_nl It actually already does support non-US businesses. If your business shows up on Google Maps it should work for you! On the signup form just enter the city name into the ZIP field and it should pull it up. If you still have problems let me know and I could look into your case specifically.
Love this product! Thank you for creating such a fabulous program. The reviews for my business dramatically increased when I signed up to use this app! Thank you!