Effortless Invoices

Git driven invoicing for web developers

Effortless Invoices uses your git history generate online payable invoices quickly. It approximates time spent in projects and provide you a summary of daily activity to itemize your invoice, and provides you an easy to use interface to adjust your invoice.

It includes cli tools to let you generate invoices and share payable URI from command line

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Hello All I made effortless invoices because I was tired of spending a few hours every week scanning time sheets and digging thru git lots to summarize my daily activity for invoicing. Every week I had to get a sense of what I worked on and when, to provide the client not just how much time was worked, but also what was accomplished. So I built this tool to that helps me approximate my daily tasks right from my git repos, and provide a summary of hours works and tasks completed in just 1 command. It has a long way to go and many directions it can take. I hope other developers find it useful. I'd love to hear feedback to gain a sense of where to take it from here. Thanks all!