Effing Weather

Not your grandmother's weather app

I am really excited to be featured on Product Hunt! Thank you everyone for the up-votes and I hope you are enjoying the app. Be sure to swipe over to settings to turn on the explicit mode. I am in the middle of doing a major redesign of the app and have the following features coming: - Updated UI is coming - Use Forecast.io as a weather provider - Support multiple locations and not require location services to be enabled - More free phrases - More data points to display. The weather nerds care about wind, humidity, dew points and those will be available without taking away from the main phrase - 7 day forecast instead of a 3 day forecast - Few other surprises in the works I hope you enjoy the app and please offer any feedback you have and I will see if I can get it into the next update.
Really like the app. Also a big fan of Authentic Weather.
In honor of being hunted, I have made the IAP to remove ads free until Sunday. Visit the settings page within the app to activate the free IAP.
I like a little spice with my morning weather
@kristofertm Thank you for sharing with the Product Hunt community. Glad you enjoyed the app!
Finally not an interesting weather app! Nice work @kevinblakeley!