A collection of web experiments

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Hi! Thank you for taking a look at eex. I hope you guys like it. I add new experiments to the collection regularly to keep things fresh. Let me know if you have any questions :^) ✌
This is a pretty cool collection of web experiments from @thesotaku I've seen a few pop up over the web and the recent experiment got me intrigued! The different experiments include: Satoshi Visualizer (the latest one) Moire Pattern Springy Letters Einstein Waves Vector Field Studies In A Dying Culture Sine Waves and Circles
So weird that it's cool.
What's the main difference between your product and Chrome Experiments?
@pavel_shchepochkin 1. The experiments on Chrome Experiments are way cooler. 2. Chrome Experiments is mostly user submitted content. eex is 3. They have a lot of WebGL experiments and I yet to publish a WebGL experiment.