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eero just got even better w new hardware and software
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The Verge's @reckless just published an interview with @nsweaves. ICYMI, WiFi is eero's wedge into becoming the "operating system for the home" not too dissimilar from Amazon Alexa and Google Home. When will eero release a voice interface, @nsweaves? 😊
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@rrhoover @reckless What the market is missing is an open platform that allows you to use all of your favorite devices, services, and, yes, voice assistants. Voice is a great interface, but isn't a platform in and of itself. In the home, there is a lot that can and should happen without having to bark a command. What we need is an open ecosystem and we're building that foundation at eero; it all starts with great connectivity.
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I'm thinking of Google WiFi or Eero for my apartment as its lots of concrete and reaches maybe half of the space it should... But I'm in the UK and also price conscious. Any recommendations?
@bentossell What if Eero goes belly up? No more internet for you. 😁 Go for google or wait for Apple IMO
@eonpilot If we all had that approach then we would be tied (even-more-so) to the big platforms forever...and true innovation would stagnate If they went belly up, then I could buy an alternative. BUT if they are the best at mesh WiFi network, then that's what I want. Not just a big company name on the possibility for them not being around. PH is built on people launching products in the face of the big companies and some may not work but I love the ecosystem and how startups are here to save the world ✌️
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@bentossell Comparing features between Eero and Google mesh is pointless. There is no major differentiator. Except that REALLY IMPORTANT part about future support. In this regard, if you are concerned with future security updates. As one should be. The reviews out there point to the same thing https://allpowermoves.com/best-m... Then Go with the "big evil corp" here, they simply have more skin in the game.
@bentossell Concrete walls suck. Not sure a mesh setup would do you any good because you're still relying on wireless bridge(s). Mesh is only as strong as, well... the mesh. I'd try out rolling your own multi-point network. https://www.savjee.be/2012/10/cr... Invest in some good powerline adapters : https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-P... Get some used half-decent wireless AC routers off CL, preferably one's that are flashable to to an open source firmware like DDWRT or Tomato (better configuration options). I used powerline AV for awhile, and while you'll never.. ever.. see close to the advertised throughput, if you're running the 2 adapters on the same circuit in your place, it'll be pretty damn fast, not to mention more reliable than wireless. Problem with weak wireless is that not only is it slow, it's also usually inconsistent and drops a lot of packets. Weak powerline might be slow, but it's rock solid slow (in fringe poor use cases).
@bentossell I put an Eero system in my condo building (using it to power the HOA security system). We have a ton of concrete and quite a bit of space (it's a 20 unit building). It took 4 eero units to get enough coverage, but it works like a charm and the speeds are 10x faster than the routers we were using previously.
Ugh my V1 eeros feel so lame now. Congrats eero team!
When will this launch my side of the pond?