Edward is a web app for writing your first novel. Plan, outline, write and analyze in the app, with the help of tools and goodies like an on-demand dictionary and thesaurus, chapters as tabs, instant chapter search, and side-by-side writing.

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Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out Edward. I've been writing both code and fiction since I was a kid, and it's awesome to be able to engage both passions in the creation of a product like this. I'm a solo maker and my app is self-funded, so it means a lot to me that you're taking an interest. I hope you enjoy Edward. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at support@edwardtheapp.com.
This is brilliant! Copies and makes better on everything I was about to build myself, exactly out of frustration of not having simple access to all info, when writing. Thanks, Isaac.
An update on Edward: I've been continuously developing, testing and rolling out new features since the beta launch a few months ago. The app is now graduated from beta and ready for general use. Some of the newest features are: - Universal search - Export to Word document (with native headings) - Workshops with writing prompts to help you beat writer's block - A design update to make the app easier on the eyes - Plenty of bug fixes and optimizations for a smooth, comfortable experience If you haven't seen Edward lately, now's a great time to take another look. One last goodie: there's a new Analysis called "A.I. ghostwriter". Once you've got a thousand words or so written, Edward can use artificial intelligence to ghostwrite your next sentence. These generated sentences vary in quality, but it's a fun way to get some free ideas and learn about your own style. Head to "Analyze > A.I. ghostwriter" to check it out!
Hi Issac! Thanks for making the application for writers. Could you please comment the warning we get right after the e-mail confirmation? I'm not sure if my work is stored online or offline, or both and what happens if I reinstall my OS for example and will try to access my account after that. Losing the already written parts must be a first fear for any writer, so how do we avoid that with your app using free account?
@kyrylo Hi Kyrylo! Thanks for asking. Limited (free) accounts aren't intended for long-term or serious use, they're just for trialing the app (although there's no imposed time limit). All your work is stored on your own computer, which means that if you reinstall your OS, clear your browsing data, exceed your browser storage limit, or wipe your hard drive, you'll lose your work. If you upgrade to a Premium account your data will be migrated to Edward's servers and then won't be in danger of getting erased. I really try to be fair about pricing and access. Edward uses browser storage for Limited accounts to keep hosting costs low while you try out the app. This makes it possible to offer an unlimited free trial. Premium accounts are inexpensive, and right now all subscription money goes toward hosting costs. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. Good luck with your novel!
@isaacandsuch thanks for your answer! So, i I got you right, your premium account value is the user`s data backup? It's a fair proposition, IMHO. Will definitely give your app a closer look!
@kyrylo Yep! In the future, any features that require server-side computation will also require a Premium account, but right now the Limited account is feature-complete aside from server storage.
With Edward I hoped I'll finish my math book, design book and storybook. But I'm having problems with sign up process. Hope you'll test it more and will make user-friendly. Why I was able to make a mistake in email and wasn't notified? Why the password rules are so strong? It's not bank account =) Still waiting for "verify email".
@nel_kamai Hi Nelly! Thanks for your questions. It's best not to implement too much validation on email fields--I've certainly been surprised to find what valid email addresses can contain. The password rules are as follows: 12 characters or more. Doesn't matter what characters they are. Most people prefer this over the "8 characters, one uppercase number, two symbols (but not a backslash), and an umlaut" type of rules that other account providers often impose. I realize it's not a bank account, but to me (and many other authors), your writing is more precious than money. I would hate for someone to steal or erase it. If you send an email to support@edwardtheapp.com, I can help you fix your login and verify your account manually. I apologize for the trouble.
@isaacandsuch I think you could highlight the phrase "please allow confirmation e-mail up to 10 minutes". I was irritated checking my spam box several times too before I noticed this phrase.
@kyrylo That makes sense. I'll put it on my roadmap.
@isaacandsuch >It's best not to implement too much validation on email fields--I've certainly been surprised to find what valid email addresses can contain. The problem was that I made a typo: , instead of . It was my mistake, that could not happen, just that. I got inside. I like how old it looks and for the same reason your mvp is outstanding. Naked features, no modern "design", you are brave to launch like that! 🤩 Didn't figure out how to go away from creating new novel (I had some already). No x btn 😳 Enjoyed tabs navigation between chapters, this is what I nedded very much in GoogleDocs. But creating new Chapter, Topic (in Outline) or Sections (in Plan) was surprising: they look like tags, but they are not. I tried to make chapters, yellow boxes make me feel that I can move them (but not). Hope you (will) have good ux/ui designer, there is giant field to improve. I like "Write" and "Analyze" tabs. Other tabs seems valuable, but it was hard to understand whats going on because of colorful headers. Will wait for updates! Will definitely use it
@nel_kamai Thanks! I'm glad you like the app.