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Productivity, meet creativity.

Edo Agenda is your personal workspace that helps you organize your day and free your creative side.

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  • Lena Nilsen
    Lena NilsenCoffee, music, tech, sewing.

    Ease of use, it does a lot in one app so I can delete a few others


    It NEEDS to accept Office 365 and other calendars.

    This is a calendar, to-do list and project manager all in one. Superb. Beautiful UI, simple and intuitive, works like a charm. One two cons is that it only accepts google calendars, and that there's no native app for MacOS/Windows. I cannot convert to Edo Agenda unless I can use it with my work Office 365 calendar.

    Lena Nilsen has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Its intuitive


    I am a premium user but it keeps telling me this is a premium feature you can use it for 30 more days

    Easy to use clean

    Lilany Morré has used this product for one month.


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Vivienne Leow
Vivienne LeowHunter@yourgirlvie · Student, Artist, Design Enthusiast!
I just discovered this product yesterday but it already has great potential to replace Wunderlist as my daily driver. I'm still in the process of migrating tasks over to test it out, but the versatility of the app as a to-do list, project hub, journal, and agenda (all in one!) as well as the gorgeous design across platforms is making me highly consider switching.
Marco Muratore
Marco MuratoreMaker@mrc_er · CTO, edo.io
@yourgirlvie Thank you very much for hunting us, We're happy you're enjoying our service and that you like the idea behind it: One place to organize your days. Feel free to ask any question about it.
Jens Polomski
Jens Polomski@jensger · Online Marketing Geek from Germany
Oh wow, this looks great! Gonna do some tests but this could replace a lot!
Marco Muratore
Marco MuratoreMaker@mrc_er · CTO, edo.io
@jensger Thank you Jens, Feel free to ask any questions or give us suggestions about the service.
I just downloaded this. Looks so nice
Marco Muratore
Marco MuratoreMaker@mrc_er · CTO, edo.io
@dgrbnv Thank you, enjoy the service! If you have any feedback we'll be glad to hear them.
I have being using this amazing product for a while and it has replaced all my productivity tools. It just works.
Marco Muratore
Marco MuratoreMaker@mrc_er · CTO, edo.io
Hi Hunters, I'm Marco, one of the co-founder of edo.io. We're thrilled to have this opportunity to share our service and the ideas behind it with this fantastic community. We're looking forward for your feedback, questions and suggestions, feel free to ask anything.