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Oh man, this is way closer to what a service like this should be, compared to that Typewriter thing that was posted yesterday. $13 for 500 words is 2.6 cents per word—which is a steal. By aiming lower, this has more potential. Good luck guys.
@shortformernie Thanks for the comment. We wanted to make a service that could be available to everyone at a reasonable price. A higher price does not always mean higher quality. We have found a way to offer quality, speed, convenience and value that works!
Editorr is proofreading and editing service that being done by real people instead of machines, I liked the idea so much, I think it will catch you attention hunters
Hi everyone! Thanks for all of the support and the kind words in the comments, on social media and email. I would like to offer everyone at Product Hunt a code that allows an addtional 500 words FREE on editorr. Give editorr a try and let me know what you think. The code is PRODUCTHUNT
As people want to take advantage of my generosity of this and use fake emails and open many accounts to get extra free words, this code is no longer valid. You can contact me directly if you are interested. Thanks and stay classy:)
Very Useful...
Reminds me a little too much of upworks front page, same font and layout. Looks like a cool product though!
@joesnell I know....right? We love Upwork, but not that much:)