Create and discover digital collectibles on your iPhone

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Instantly create and collect provably authentic digital creations secured on the blockchain with Editional, the first mobile app for creating and discovering unique digital collectibles!
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John Egan
John EganMaker@john3gan · CEO, Vault.io
Hi! I'm one of the cofounders of the company that built Editional! Happy to answer questions and would love to hear feedback and invite everyone to download and try it out. We're really excited to have built the first mobile application that makes blockchain collectibles accessible to anyone. There's no cost to create, claim, or transfer Editional collectibles and you don't need cryptocurrency to participate. We're hoping Editional becomes a place for people to start to really dig their teeth into this new NFT format and discover the types of unique content that are best suited to scarcity.
Andy Rosen
Andy Rosen@andy_rosen · CEO, Fileprotected.com
So far it's very cool. I have tested most of the current similar services and yours is the smoothest! I like the way you make it easy for people to sign on and not have to get to grips with the whole blockchain, token, wallets etc concept. Most people don't understand it right now, and it puts people off fast. I just added an artwork to see how it all works https://edition.al/921. I have a few questions... how do I check the token and verify it? I know that you have integrated with Opensea which is neat. Is that how a user would sell their artwork? Meaning does Opensea manage the transaction for sales and not Editonal?
John Egan
John EganMaker@john3gan · CEO, Vault.io
@andy_rosen Thanks for this awesome feedback! Yes I think we've been very successful getting the barrier lowered for creating and claiming but we can do more to help people understand how these collectibles work and what they're capable of. We've got a number of product updates coming out soon to help with this! Opensea is the best way to sell an Edition right now. You can access your collectible there by clicking the globe icon in the lower-right of feed or directly view your item by opening the collectible from your All Collections view and clicking "view on opensea" in the menu. We've also seen a few transactions happen directly on Editional but we don't act as an escrow so that can be risky (more coming to make that easier!). PS: love your collectible, excited to see what else you create!
I like to collect stickers, and this feels like it.