Big data for the fashion industry.

Really impressive product and as the Guardian reports (above) they have helped to boost the revenues of the UK's largest fashion retailer by 37%. For a company that large to publicly attribute some of its gains to one product is pretty astounding. The product collects pricing and other information for millions of clothing items and analyses social media and fashion trends. From this it can give all manner of information such as competing products, what clothes people are talking about on social media, item pricing history and what materials/colours/styles are popular. Buyers can instantly see if a competitor has a similar/cheaper product that they might not be able to compete against or, from what I've read, decide to order a product because Editd shows purple and stripes are becoming popular (so fash). For buyers at these online retailers this must be a real game changer. I don't know much about fashion but this kind of data and business intelligence blows me away.