EdgeWise Connect

Stay connected, even at the edge of Wi-Fi

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 31, 2019

EdgeWise Connect keeps you online at the edge of Wi-Fi, rescuing you from where videos freeze, and calls drop. It runs in the background and swoops in to seamlessly switch you between Wi-Fi and cell, preventing slow or non-working hotspots from interrupting your online activities. Free until 3/1/19. 3% of revenues go to rescue owls.

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EdgeWise connect is based off the same connection bonding technology that we used to make Speedify ( https://www.producthunt.com/post... ). But as Speedify has evolved, we've kept adding features that people wanted until it's become targeted at power users. EdgeWise is a clean start, you don't have to worry about any settings, the whole user interface is one On/Off switch. I think there might be a lesson here somewhere for other product designers...
@alexgizis This seems like a great idea! There’s always a pain point between going from WiFi to data and it especially becomes onerous if I’m in the middle of work or a video call. This could be a great solution to try, nice build! Plus, I love that a certain percentage goes to a good nature cause. 👍🦅

I've waited for this for so long


Amazing, works as described



This sounds like magic! 🔮 If I'm in the elevator, would it try to use each wifi it sees on its way and smoothly transition to the next one? 😛
@zelena Yes, what happen is that it will use little bits of cellular (sometimes just for a second or three) to fill in the gaps as your phone switches from one Wi-Fi to another.
this looks amazing! I have a dead spot in my apartment and going to try this tonight! btw, what's the connection to owls? 🦉 @alexgizis
@alexgizis I can see there's a VPN icon on my screen after installing the app, why is that?
@alon_keren The way it works, it's actually a bonding VPN. It uses the VPN API to act as middle man for your traffic, and then it has connections on both the cellular and wifi, so it can pick whether to use wifi or cellular from moment to moment.
@alon_keren One of the engineers is a passionate bird watcher, and generally quiet guy. When talking about mission and who we want to be, he launched into a passionate pitch for Project SNOWstorm, and the fate of the snowy owls. It was surprising and beautiful, and when he was done it was clear we'd found our cause. SNOWstorm is a great organization and we're happy to be donating to them to support their work.

I am an English teacher by profession and it's always a must for me to have an unbreakable internet connection. With Edgewise, I can work from home, drive to my university and constantly get internet connection without a break! It seamlessly transitions my Wi-Fi to my 4G internet connection and this is groundbreaking for me. As a non-tech savvy person, this is a Godsend.


It's so EASY! One button and it does the job!


None so far