Wayfinding, alerts and transport tracking for students

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Starting with Curtin University in Western Australia, OTTO delivers live bus tracking, simple point-of-interest searching, as well as detailed campus maps for students, staff and visitors. OTTO will soon expand to campuses around Australia and the world, with added functionality including campus-to-student alerts, and the ability to share your location with friends when you’re on campus - but only if you want to!
We've just sent a huge Otto update live for iPhone! Now you can create a profile and build a friends list. If you want, you can even let friends see your location when you're on campus. We also now support every university campus in WA: - Curtin University - The University of Western Australia - Murdoch University - University of Notre Dame Australia Edith Cowan University will arrive this week to complete the set!
Nice one man!
Love products for students. What inspired you to come up with the idea?
@tony_xiao It was actually staff at our first supported campus, that of Curtin University, who approached us to solve a number of transport, wayfinding and communication problems for them and their students. It just so happens that many campuses share at least some of those same problems.
@jamieskella @tony_xiao That's a good way to make sure you are building something people want, they come to you and ask for it :)