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Interesting... We work with what3words which offers a similar service. Do you have or thinking of creating an api?
@thornhillmatt I'm already a fan of W3W -- curious to hear how the developer of Eddress thinks the two services differ, and why one might be more beneficial than the other. One thing I already notice is that determining an Eddress requires the app, where with W3W, you can look up an address entirely via the web.
@thornhillmatt Thanks Matt, we are currently testing our public API, I'll make sure to let you know once available.
@zefareu w3w points to coordinates while eddress points to a full address including coord, pc, bldg, floor, voice note, directions and hopefully soon w3w. The eddress code follows you, meaning when you relocate to a new home, your eddress code stays the same, and we make sure all relevant parties are notified. Think of it more like Address as a service! You can also lookup an eddress on map.eddress.co
@ronnyshibley cool, keep me updated.
Kind of a novel idea but not exactly sure the problem they are solving. Is it that I want some privacy around my address... but these services and providers will still discover my real address for delivery. Is it simplicity in updating shipping addresses? This I kind of understand after moving and having a couple amazon packages shipped to our old address before fixing our address. Yet do we need a service that simply places a step between supplying an address to a service? How would a service know what to do with ABC-123 as my address. This seems like a huge biz-dev hurdle to overcome. Any thoughts on how they are doing with adaption?
@paulprins Paul, the biggest problem we're trying to solve is addresses in developing countries suffering from poor infrastructure. Privacy is just to protect against your contacts finding out were you live. eddress is not just an app to store and share your address, it's a platform connecting businesses with their customers to augment the online delivery process, currently non existent in third world countries. In terms of adoption, we're still working on our api and business platform.
@ronnyshibley now that sounds really interesting. All the major urban imagery had me confused (along with the uber integration). Best of luck!
@ronnyshibley seems that phone number +70 is wrong in your iOS app
@diniska_ thanks for your feedback. Sms verification through third parties has been a nightmare. Will look into it and will get back to you.
This is a super exciting idea and one I remember brainstorming before my last company. Glad someone went out and did it! We move around so often now that the biggest benefit for me is the fact that I won't have to update all my shipping and billing info on every service I use because I moved apartments or moved jobs. Definitely rooting for you guys and great point about the poor infrastructure in developing nations.
Thanks Jason for your support! I myself moved 11 times in the past 5 years, and even my credit cards addresses are all mixed up! This being said, we are heavy users of Etsy in the region and we would love to discuss potential integration and partnership.
I really love the idea of this! I've thought about doing this before and wondered why this hasn't happened already. I would love to integrate this in my own app, Greetale, when the public API is ready. I think the most important factor to Eddress' success is substantial growth. Once everyone is using it and people see that everyone has an Eddress, then they'd get one too. Partnerships will be essential for growth. If I start seeing "enter your Eddress" on all the online merchants I shop at, then I'd be curious and get one too. Integrating Eddress and Stripe on a e-commerce website would allow one to check out within a matter of seconds. Imagine if you were available to be deployed on every Shopify website out there. Patenting this is not a bad idea either! Have you guys considered that?
@rustinrassoli Thanks Rustin, encouraging words! In fact eddress is relying heavily on partnerships to converge users. We are currently working on verifying addresses and developing a set of tools and order fulfillment platform to make our service attractive to third parties. One cool feature is tracking your shipments through eddress and connecting with delivery services.
Uber is cool because, in developing countries, you cannot send uber to a specific location unless you pin it on the map. Using eddress you can send uber from your friends house to your office. This being said, Uber will not bring us users. The dream partner would be Amazon or Alibaba. ๐Ÿ˜Š