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Eddie is a Viagra Connect subscription service. It helps men get erectile dysfunction medicine with zero hassle and embarrassment.

Speak to our chatbot and we’ll make a decision in less than 60 seconds. We provide free, discreet delivery to your door.

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Dan Sheldon
Dan SheldonMaker@sheldonline · Head of Well Digital
Hello it’s Dan here from Eddie, the UK’s first Viagra subscription service. Over 4m men in the UK suffer from erectile dysfunction. But 42% of them don’t do anything about it. Our goal is to make it easier for men to do something about their erectile problems. What we do Eddie helps men get Viagra without the hassle and embarrassment. Eddie is focused on doing one thing really well, like Harry’s does with razors and Allbirds does with shoes. - Over-the-counter: No need for doctor consultations or prescriptions - Value for money: No prescription fees or delivery charges to pay - Never run out: Our subscription service will keep you topped up - Private: Discreet digital service, packaging and bank-grade data security - Safe: Trusted brand with over 700 registered pharmacies How we built it Setting up the new business— from start to finish — took us 10 weeks. We believe that launching early is the best way to build something that people need. We’ve also built as little software as possible. We assembled it from best-in-class SaaS products including Chargebee, ShipStation and Intercom. The centrepiece is our chatbot. It takes an average of 47 seconds to answer all the questions we need to find out whether you’re OK to take Viagra. We’ve gone into more detail about how we built Eddie on our blog. Feedback I’d love to get your feedback. Happy to answer any questions publicly or privately
@sheldonline does it work on women too ?
Haldun Oz
Haldun Oz@haldunoz · Head of Marketing, Curaite
Absolute game changer. :)
jonthebeefMaker@jonthebeef · Product Lead, Strategist and Designer.
@haldunoz Thank you. We do try our best. Is there anything you think we could be doing better?
Haldun Oz
Haldun Oz@haldunoz · Head of Marketing, Curaite
@jonthebeef Consider ladies as well.
Ofir Choshen
Ofir Choshen@ofir_choshen · Customer Support, Pruvo
jonthebeefMaker@jonthebeef · Product Lead, Strategist and Designer.
@ofir_choshen Hmm. Can I help?
Jamie Barton
Jamie BartonHunter@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
Definitely an interesting product that comes with a nice site. This seems to be wrapped up nicely and has a specific target market. I think all in all, it's a well produced and marketed. Well done guys!
jonthebeefMaker@jonthebeef · Product Lead, Strategist and Designer.
@notrab Thanks for all your help!
John Smith
John Smith@wizer · Hi,I am John.I love this site
Hi, this is a super idea! But I'm not taking Viagra. I'm taking other pills called Tadalafil. Since they cost less than Viagra, and also better affect the body. They also treat problems that are related to potency. Can you deliver them instead of Viagra? You can read more about these pills here https://edblog.com.au/tadalafil-... .